Few activities are as completely relaxing as a good, long soak in the bathtub. Even thinking about it is soothing.

For those who are really serious about bath time, your gear can include any number of accessories; a book, a candle, a glass of wine, or even an e-reader or tablet if you’re feeling brave. Most bathtubs offer nowhere to put any of these things. Enter the Cheviot Bathtub Caddy.

Cheviot Products 31500 Solid Brass Bathtub Caddy with optional 31650 Reading Rack

The sturdy Cheviot Bathtub Caddy offers ample space for all your grown-up bathtime toys. The rubberized arms protect the enamel on your bathtub and extend or retract to fit nearly any tub.

Cheviot 31500-BN Bathtub Caddy with optional 31650-BN reading rack

To match your bathroom fixtures, our Bathtub Caddies are available in chrome and brushed nickel, and the Solid Brass Bathtub Caddy is available in Antique Bronze.

Cheviot 31500-AB Bathtub Caddy with optional 31650-AB reading rack

For long term durability, the Solid Brass Cheviot Bathtub Caddy is unsusceptible to rust. Made from the same high quality brass as our faucets and fixtures, the finish is a perfect match to your Cheviot faucets and tub fillers.

: Cheviot 31500-AB Bathtub Caddy with optional 31650-AB reading rack shown with 5100/3980-AB-LEV tub filler and freestanding supply lines

The Cheviot Bathtub Caddy makes an excellent Christmas gift. Get to know Cheviot Products’ Bathtub Caddy with Reading Rack, and Deluxe Solid Brass Bathtub Caddy.