Eco-Friendly Luxury for Your Home: Cheviot's Commitment to Sustainable Bathroom Fixtures

In an era where environmental awareness is crucial, Cheviot stands out with its range of luxury bathroom fixtures that combine elegance with a strong commitment to sustainability. Our diverse product categories - Bathroom & Kitchen Sinks, Cast Iron Bathtubs, Solid Surface Bathtubs, and Bath & Sink Faucets - embody Cheviot's dedication to eco-friendly practices.

Bathroom & Kitchen Sinks: Cheviot's Pioneering Sustainable Production Cheviot's production process for sinks adheres to the strict guidelines of the ISO 14001 compliant environmental management system, audited by the Association of Building and Environment Institute (IBU), Germany. This ensures a minimal environmental footprint and aligns with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. In 2022, Cheviot achieved significant sustainability milestones, including a reduction in production energy intensity and carbon emission intensity, along with an impressive 86.6% of waste being recycled. Cheviot also emphasizes equality and training, with substantial shares of women in professional, new hire, and management positions, alongside an average of 25 hours of formal training for every employee.

Cast Iron Bathtubs: Cheviot Redefining Environmental Responsibility Cheviot's cast iron bathtubs showcase our commitment to environmentally conscious manufacturing. Compliant with European Directives IPPC, our processes significantly reduce pollution in air, water, and soil. We employ advanced technologies like cyclone turbine systems with bag filters in our furnaces, capturing over 99% of micron particle dust. Our wastewater treatment is equally efficient, ensuring that contaminants are removed effectively. Furthermore, Cheviot abides by strict European regulations REACH and ROHS to avoid the use of hazardous chemicals, safeguarding both human health and the environment.

Solid Surface Bathtubs: Cheviot's Consistency in Eco-friendly Practices The manufacturing of Cheviot's solid surface bathtubs aligns with the same high environmental standards as our sinks, adhering to the ISO 14001 certification. This reflects our unwavering commitment to reducing environmental impact across all our product lines.

Bath & Sink Faucets: Cheviot's Vision for Sustainable Luxury Cheviot's faucets represent the pinnacle of eco-friendly design and function. Governed by OHSMS 18001 standards, we prioritize not only environmental stewardship but also the health and safety of our workforce. Cheviot offers lead-free products, certified by the State of California and the American Health Foundation, ensuring safety and quality. Our commitment to water conservation is evidenced by certifications from the EPA Water Savings Awareness Program and the California Green Building Certification, demonstrating our role in promoting sustainable water use.

In conclusion, choosing Cheviot's bathroom fixtures means selecting a brand that values luxury without compromising on environmental responsibility. We are committed to creating products that enhance the aesthetic of your space and contribute positively to the sustainability of our planet. Cheviot's journey towards a greener future is reflected in every product we offer, ensuring that our customers can indulge in luxury while supporting eco-friendly practices.