Interior Designers who Specialize in Beautiful, Luxurious Baths

As the room designated for relaxing, bathing and getting ready for the day (or night), bathrooms play a vital role in our everyday lives. That’s why so many homeowners put time and energy into revamping or renovating their bathrooms.

From ultra-modern guest vanities to vintage-inspired master baths, the options for how to design a bathroom are endless. To guide the process, here’s a must-follow list of interior designers who specialize in bathrooms.

emma delon

emma delon is a North Carolina-based interior design firm that specializes in bathrooms and kitchens. Owner and principal designer Caroline Shillito, and her team, focus on creating comfortable and convenient bathroom designs that cater to the present and future needs of clients. Known for adding contemporary updates to outdated bathrooms, the firm's remodels often include soothing lights, spa-like elements and sleek, modern vanities.

Nicole Arnold

Nicole Arnold creates bathroom interiors that incorporate various geometric shapes, colors and designs. This approach has helped her craft a portfolio filled with intriguing, geometrically diverse bathrooms that speak for themselves. Arnold often pairs contrasting elements – like small blue wall tiles and large marble floor tiles – to add a playful feel to bathrooms. She also has an eye for luxurious vintage-inspired spaces that are perfect for preserving the integrity of older homes.

Kim Armstrong

Kim Armstrong is an interior designer known for her colorful and creative room designs. She has a knack for mixing patterns, prints and colors in a seamless way that never clashes or looks tacky. In the bathroom, she employs this pattern mixing technique by combining tile and surface designs smartly and tastefully. She also uses contrast in natural elements, including wood and stone, to create warm and inviting spaces.

Mary Fisher

This Scottsdale, AZ based interior design firm creates elegant, spa-like bathrooms with luxury in mind. Mary Fisher Designs was established in 1963, and since then they’ve committed to creating spaces that balance the client’s needs and lifestyle with the room’s visual appeal. Another one of Fisher’s specializations is helping clients fit new appliances and fixtures into older homes in a way that feels balanced and sophisticated.

Hatfield Builders and Remodelers

Hatfield Builders and Remodelers specializes in revamping bathrooms in older homes. From outdated wall colors to poorly functioning fixtures, this remodeling firm can transform any bathroom into a fresh, elegant oasis. Their designs don’t focus on a specific theme or trend; rather, they work with their clients to create the exact bathroom update that will meet the needs of the homeowner.

Kent Brasloff

When searching for contemporary bathroom inspiration, you don’t need to look further than New York-based interior designer Kent Brasloff. Brasloff has a knack for incorporating an artistic vibe into all of his spaces, and his bathrooms are imbued with just the right amount of color and flair. If you have clients who want to step outside the lines while remaining somewhat safe, show them Brasloff’s work.

One Week Bath

One Week Bath is a Los Angeles-based design and build bathroom specialty company on a mission to reduce the stress and hassle of bathroom remodeling. One Week Bath has experience designing and building for a wide array of bathroom themes, including modern, eclectic, contemporary, vintage and universal. The firm also specializes in transitional design, which helps homeowners achieve a style that’s equal parts vintage and contemporary. These spaces usually include modern or trending tile designs with classic bathroom elements, such as a clawfoot tub, that never go out of style.

Allison Seidler

Allison Seidler is a Dallas-based designer who puts her own spin on the country cottage-inspired bathroom. Her bath designs are slightly more sophisticated than shabby-chic styles, yet they retain an air of approachability that feels warm and inviting. She uses neutrals and whites to create a balanced and fresh look that’s never too white or stark. Seidler's clients are mainly owners of large, elegant homes that need bold, standout bathrooms to match.

JAC interiors

JAC Interiors’ designs are nothing short of luxurious. Many of the bathrooms designed by this California-based firm feature freestanding tubs and glass showers. They also are known for incorporating broad, full-length windows into their bathroom designs, helping illuminate spaces with natural light. For simple elegance that’s out of the ordinary, JAC interiors provides the ultimate inspirational portfolio.

Linda Fritschy

Linda Fritschy Interior Design’s portfolio reflects two main types of design styles: modern and traditional. Fritschy’s bathroom designs lean towards a minimalist aesthetic, with bold color choices often taking up most of the interest in the room. Based in Dallas, this design firm primarily works on large homes in their entirety. With more room to experiment, this allows Fritschy to create spacious, resort-like bathrooms that make a statement.

Lori Wiles Design

Lori Wiles Design was established in 1983 on a mission to create spaces that are both “architecturally balanced and emotionally satisfying.” Lori Wiles is known for incorporating natural elements into bathroom remodels, often using stone tile and wood cabinetry to bring a modern and inviting feel to a space. She’s also a thought leader in the design space and has been published in numerous publications discussing design principles and theories.

Jan Kepler

This kitchen and bath specialist crafts sensible, sound and stylish updates to homes on the Central California coast. In addition to offering lighting, fixture and plumbing updates in bathrooms, Jan Kepler assists in the design of new construction. Another area of specialty is Kepler’s experience with cabinetry, and she helps homeowners find bathroom cabinets that maximize space and storage in a functional and sophisticated way.

Tracey Stephens

Tracey Stephens Design focuses on ecosmart kitchens and bathrooms that are safe and efficient for both people and the environment. Stephens’ design philosophy has always been focused on sustainability, and her focus is on helping clients make greener choices through energy efficient fixtures and materials made from non-toxic, recycled products. She also donates old cabinets and appliances to charity for resale, helping keep them out of landfills.

Carla Aston

Carla Aston is the owner of a full-service interior design studio. Although she doesn’t focus on any particular style, she is known for helping design a clear and consistent aesthetic throughout entire homes. Her portfolio reflects a number of master bathroom designs, and she has ample experience working with large, multi-sink vanities, walk-in showers and spacious floor layouts. Aston is also known for giving interior design advice, and her newsletter provides tips and tricks to anyone looking to expand their knowledge.

Tanya Campbell

Tanya Campbell, president of Viridis Design Studio, Inc., is a Denver-based interior designer inspired by “diverse ethnic cultures, world travels, art history, design trends and new and innovative materials.” Campbell’s work regularly focuses on green design, and she is passionate about incorporating sustainable and recycled materials into her work. She also focuses on traditional feng shui, creating a visual and physical balance of energy in her bathrooms.

Cottage Industries

Cottage Industries is an interior design firm that provides bathroom remodeling services throughout Philadelphia and across the Main Line. They offer many different bathroom services, including jack and jill bathrooms, custom cabinetry, tiling and backsplashes, custom furnishings and full bathroom renovations. Cottage Industries also takes on the challenge of remodeling older homes, designing bathrooms that adapt to the integrity of historical structures while adding modernity.

Celia Visser

If you’re looking for sleek, ultra-modern designs to guide a contemporary bathroom redesign, Celia Visser Design is worth checking out. Most of Visser’s bathroom designs also feature open showers, broad vanities and minimalist mirrors and windows. Since Visser primarily works on luxury homes in New Zealand, her site with its excellent gallery of images is listed here a great place to discover how a high-end, modern aesthetic can apply to bathrooms.

Synergy Builders

Chicago-based design company Synergy Builders is on a mission to build bathrooms that feel like rejuvenating sanctuaries. They have experience in incorporating cutting edge technology into bathrooms, including digital interfaces that control body sprays, steam showers, rain shower heads and lighting. In their gallery, you’ll find endless inspiration for innovative, modern designs that demonstrate how to bring spa luxury into a residential home.

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