Why Choose a Cheviot Cast Iron Bathtub?

Did you know that taking a relaxing warm bath is scientifically proven to benefit your health and wellness?

If you want the very best in luxury bath technology, look no further than a Cheviot cast iron bathtub. A cast iron bathtub will add to the overall elegance of your bathroom and give you every reason to enjoy a soothing stress-melting bathing experience.

Read on to find out why a Cheviot cast iron bathtub is your best choice when it comes to your bathtub.

History of the Cast Iron Bathtub

Ever since the bronze age, the nobility used primitive bathtubs sculpted from metal to bathe. The modern cast iron bathtub has an interior enamel made of porcelain or an equitable substance. These didn't come about until much later. 

Modern porcelain-coated cast iron bathtubs have been around since the late 1800s. This is when inventor David Buick discovered the process of bonding porcelain to cast iron and successfully produced the world's first modern cast iron tub.

He later went on to found the Buick Motor company, but his contribution to the world of bathtubs will forever live on. 

Advantages of Cast Iron Bathtubs

Cast iron bathtubs afford bathtub buyers multiple advantages when compared to conventional bathtubs. First of all, cast iron bathtubs are very durable. You don't have to worry about them cracking or shattering like normal porcelain bathtubs.

A cast iron bathtub is designed to last a lifetime, and if cared for the right way, it will. Cast iron is one of the strongest materials to build something from and these bathtubs reflect their sturdy material composition.

The special titanium coating is easier to clean than conventional bathtub surfaces as well. It also prevents the proliferation of microbes, which is crucial during these times.

Cast iron bathtubs also have different dimensions than conventional bathtubs. Often they are wider and deeper. This in turn makes them capable of containing a higher volume of water.

Many cast iron bathtubs are freestanding, giving them the ability to lend a more elegant ambiance to your bathroom than conventional bathtubs. This aesthetic appeal is one of their defining features.

Cast iron retains heat longer than other materials. This allows your bath water to remain warm for longer periods of time. For bathers that enjoy long relaxing baths, this is a perfect feature.

It also means that you will be spending less on your electricity bill because you won't have to keep refreshing the hot water as it cools during your bath. Less electricity use means a more net-positive benefit for the environment in general.

Also, cast iron bathtubs are much more appealing to the eye than conventional bathtubs. Many are works of art in themselves, which is much more than a traditional porcelain bathtub can boast.

When utilizing the principles of interior design to create a particular ambiance in a bathroom, cast iron bathtubs can play a critical role.

The Centerpiece of Any Luxury Bathroom

If you are a member of the upper echelon of refined society, you deserve to be pampering yourself at every available opportunity. Nothing says "elite" like a luxury bathroom.

A bathtub is the centerpiece of any luxury bathroom. Models such as The Clarence draw the eye and really tie the room together. Its simple and elegant design is perfect for building an interior decoration strategy around.

Its appearance is also versatile enough to fit into any existing design strategy that you have already begun implementing. But aesthetics aren't the only reason that set Cheviot bathtubs apart from the competition.

The workmanship on all Cheviot products is second to none. Only the finest materials are used and all cast iron bathtubs are hand-made in Europe. Top of the line titanium enamel is applied to all bathtubs, making them tough and easy to clean.

Cheviot's bathtubs are voluminous, affording the bather a wide and deep area to soak away their troubles. Their cast iron construction keeps bath water hotter for longer allowing you to revel in your bathing experience for extended periods of time.

Many Models of Cast Iron Bathtubs

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to bathtubs. Cheviot offers a wide variety of cast iron bathtubs that can appeal to every unique individual's needs. Take for instance The Regency

This bathtub is perfect for luxury bath connoisseur looking for a more retro design. The golden lion feet at its base provide for a Victorian feel, while its sleek black coloration provides a touch of modernity. 

This beautiful juxtaposition of design makes for an elegant bathroom centerpiece. The finish on The Regency's feet can be custom-built from different materials ranging from brass to nickel. This allows you to make the bathtub your own creation.

Cheviot offers all sorts of designs for their bathtubs from the vintage clawfoot bathtub design, to more contemporary bathtub designs. You can customize the interior and exterior color schemes as well, making for a unique creation that fits your creative needs.

For the very best in unique, chic, and customizable luxury cast iron bathtubs, Cheviot offers the best options. They are available in retail stores and online. 

Whether you are designing a room for your personal residence, a client, a hotel, or other luxury accommodation, they are an affordable and top-quality choice.

Don't slander your bathroom by selecting any other substitutes. With the wide variety of bathtubs that the Cheviot line offers, one has to fit your individual circumstances. If not, the professionals at Cheviot will be happy to help you customize your own.

Choose Cheviot

With all of the inferior bathtubs available on the market today, it is good to have a name you can trust.

That name is Cheviot. Only they can guarantee that your cast iron bathtub will be made from the finest materials, by hand, in Europe.

To view their whole line of products, make sure to check out their website. For specific individual inquires, you can get in touch with them today.